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Satu Karsa Karya Foundation (YSKK) is an non-governmental organization born on 12 May 2001 in Surakarta – Central Java. It was founded by a group of community empowerment activists as a form of participatory in nation building. YSKK is an independent organization not affiliated with government, political party, tribe, religion, or any party.

YSKK emerged and declared it self as an organization that works “for” and “with” marginalized-powerless people especially women and children in order to make them empowered and capable of fulfilling their basic rights: economy, social, politic, and culture.

Agent of changes marginal community to be independent and welfare.

Empower marginal community especially women and children.

Become friendly home for community changes innovation.

Increase women’s capacity and role in domestic and public.

Increase community’s welfare through women based economics democracy development.

Increase children’s life quality through qualified and equal education service.

Develop, document and widespread knowledge and experience about community changes innovation.